Mobile development

Mobile app development is the trend which appeared by virtue of evolution in mobile internet and smartphones. Demand for mobile applications is growing continuously because potential clients of any business spend a lot of time with mobile devices.

The main formats of cooperation:

Application development including Backend & Mobile teams
Client side development including mobile team development
Particular functions development including developer or the team depending on the scope of work
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Our approach in mobile development is based on focusing customer and his needs. This gives an opportunity to use the best practices during development process and help the client create the best product. Deep expertise in conjunction with understanding trends allow to create solutions which fully comply with demands of competitive environment.
Our main principle is from tricky to simple. From complex problem and “headache” we create simple and plain solution with clear userflow and qualitative code which gives an option to make changes easily and quickly at any stage of its implementation without any danger.
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85% of our specialists are the employees of Middle and Senior level which ensures high level of quality while developing products.

Our key competencies:

& ERP for business
Sharing Economy
Service Industry