Frontend development

Frontend development is the development of the client’s side of the product through which user communicates with the program part. At this point the design transforms into the code and accordingly into the clickable interface with which the user will interact.

We offer the following formats:

01 Full-cycle development including Backend & Frontend teams
02 Frontend development including appropriate team
03 Particular functions development including developer or the team depending on the scope of work

Well-implemented interface and code are the basis of the stability of the product and its value to users.

In current development the more functions can be performed through Frontend because of frameworks growth (React, Angular, Vue и др.)

We provide frontend development services either singly or as a part of product creation.

75% of our employees are of Middle & Senior level, which guarantees high quality of development.

Technologies we work with:

HTML | CSS | JavaScript

React | Vue | Angular | jQuery

HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript React Vue.js Angular jQuery

Our key competencies:

& ERP for business
Sharing Economy
Service Industry