About the project

Website devoted to the event called Eat Week in Iowa, US. This is the first event of such a theme and scale occurring in the state, and its participants are the largest and most famous restaurants.


To create a website that will simultaneously perform an informative and promotional function, as well as allow restaurants to register and pay fees for taking part in the event.

Working stages


The first step was selection of fonts and graphics that make the first impression about the whole project. Clean and light colors with bright accents taken from the logo are going along with the modern trends of web design. Detailed UX and UI form a holistic clear picture in the users’ minds


The site was developed using CMS WordPress and such techs as PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

The project included integration with PayPal to make payments online, with Instagram using the hashtag #WDMeatweek, and also an interactive map functionality was implemented, so restaurants and their addresses are shown upon selected filters.

The website is launched and is filling with the content by client.

The project is completed by request of Kinseyco LLC