Business analysis

and software architecture prototyping

Creation of a high quality product starts with architecture prototyping and gathering main business requirements. We provide full package of services in business analysis and architecture projection.

Stages of Technical Specification creation and software architecture prototyping:

01 Picking requirements for the product
02 SOW drafting
03 CustDev (Customer Development) carrying
04 SOW adjustment according to the results of CustDev
05 Choosing technologies and platforms for further development of the product
06 Database structure planning and dataflow model creation
07 Dividing the project into iterations and time estimation for the development
08 Risk assessment and weaknesses revealing
09 Planning measures to eliminate defects and SOW finalizing
You can use the full range of services for business analysis and software design, or select certain items from the entire process.
bussiness analysis

Not only one person, but the full-fledged team consisting of business analyst, project manager, lead frontend and backend developers work on preparation of SOW and architecture prototyping. This helps to create proper architecture with maximum of requirements and from the core team understanding the product and requests for further development.

As a result of cooperation you receive not only technical requirements but also specifications for the development based on CustDev of the idea. This approach allows to get documented program of project implementation with the estimation of terms, costs and risks. You can make use of the full range of services or just select the specific items from the whole process.


The price for analysis and architecture prototyping is defined based on the negotiations and depends on:

  • Product and its features
  • Deadlines
  • Scope of work

We propose 50% discount for the price of SOW if after its completion you sign up the contract for the development with us.

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