Backend development

Backend development means completion of the program part of the product. Data capture and processing on the outside of the product and its displaying in clear form are realized through the backend.

You can choose applicable way of cooperation with us:

01 Full-cycle development including Frontend & Backend teams
02 Backend development including appropriate team
03 Particular microservices or functions development including developer or the team depending on the scope of work

We offer backend development services either together with product creation or apart of it. If you’re in need of backend development only, we will provide you with the team that will prototype the architecture of database, dataflow models, create API and carry out the support in future.

Our developers actively participate in product architecture planning which helps them to immerse into the product and investigate it before the start (read more in our article: “Business analysis and software architecture prototyping”)

Our technologies

Our main technology for backend development is a high-level programming language Python which maintains the following approaches to the programming: structured, object-oriented, functional, aspect-oriented. Thanks to its versatility Python allows to solve the problems of any complexity and create products for various business fields.

Python (Django, Flask, NumPy, Pandas, PyTorch, Scikit-learn) | PHP (Symfony, Laravel) | Javascript (Node.js) PostgreSQL | MySQL | MongoDB | Rest | GraphQL | Docker | Jenkins

Python PHP JS PostgreSQL MySQL MongoDB REST GraphQL Docker Jenkins

Our key competencies:

& ERP for business
Sharing Economy
Service Industry